clear skin

The Truth About Clear Skin

Clear skin has become a major goal for many people, but should it be? There is a big misconception that clear skin is the best type of skin to have. While that is something to strive for, clear skin begins…

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Urban Hydration Lemon

Urban Hydration’s Plant Based Lemon Body Products

Urban Hydration’s Plant Based Lemon Body Products Will Relieve Acne, Stress, and Have You Smelling Delish!   Urban Hydration top seller is their sugar scrubs which, are all Coconut Oil based and come in a variety of scents including pineapple and peach. Our favorite…

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Vote or Die….Literally

As we have seen over the past couple of decades, the importance of voting has become front and center. Specifically, local elections due to the recent rise in police brutality cases and the lack of indictments for them. Politics is…

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3 Tips To Glowing Skin While Traveling

Hey Everybody! It’s me, Christina and I’m back with more skin tips! Summer time is in full-force and we all want to travel to see the world. Vacation means long nights partying, early mornings hungover and your skin while traveling will…

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Music, Video

New Video from RA Child and Louis Quatorze

A relentlessly raw single from RA CHILD pairs with a visual tour de force from video artist Louis Quatorze in a collaborate effort for FLEETING, where the two push the creative limits of their respective practices while pulling the viewer through themes of blackness,…

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