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Photographer at DELUX Magazine
Photojournalism is a passion of Alexy’s and that shows through anything that you see from her. She makes sure that everything you read is promoting Delux's brand of black excellence and continues the growth of the city. Follow her on Instagram @WhereNextLex
Alexy Irving

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Dee Davis, better known as Carta Works to the beauty world, is celebrating his birthday this Sunday and wants you to come celebrate with him and his friends.

Carta Works is talented make-up artist and he is sure to look flawless on Sunday. Make sure your in the building to celebrate with him and see what he has in store for this new beginning to another year of life.

Meet him at Club Europe (710 N. 15th Street, 63101) from 10 to 3am Sunday the 28th… and make sure your face beat is just as flawless as his!




… and if your wondering what to bring him, he’s got you covered!

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