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There’s always a story behind my moves…. Hope the boss man don’t trip, but I had to do this. Here’s the story…

I took my computer to this one company for it to get “upgrade” so I could start using my new programs that I just received. I gave them a list of everything that was needed to complete the “upgrade”. They gave me a quote that was cool. They finish the job, I pick up the computer, take it home to install my new programs and I couldn’t. Took it to the gentleman (JERRY PRICE AKA COMPUTER DOCTOR) whom I got the programs from so that he could install it correctly. Told him that i got the upgrade but couldn’t install.. cool.. I’m leaving out his office and before I could reach the sidewalk he yells for me to come back… He then let’s me know and shows me that the guys I took my computer to get upgraded did a Half Ass Job…

Jerry overhauled and maxed out my computer and got me Right…(pause) So i have to give him props cause he took care of a brother, an Overhaul, windows7, adobe suite cs5… This guy runs an straight up honest business. I strongly suggest that if you need anything done to your computer hit my dude up…





**The views expressed are not the views of Delux Magazine… Their mine @brklynstl**


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