Delux New Music Monday: Pharrell Williams – Come Get It Bae

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L.O.V.E. this infectious piece of yum.

The favorite on this track is the ever-so-subtle feminine “ooh” in the percussion line.  It’s doing things to my inner cochlea.  Oh, and Pharrell’s run on the word “Bae.”  (Wait.  Is that a word?  Whatevs.)  Yup.  That run is killing it.  HE kills it.  We’re lucky to live in a world with Pharrell.  He’s like the BUTTER of the music industry.  Just makes everything all better and decadent, doesn’t he?

Turn up Miley on the bass, though! She really has some pipes and she doesn’t get ENOUGH credit for blowin ’em!  #LOVEHER

In case you didn’t already know:  Pharrell has a better body than the magazine’s you’ll read, so  yeah.  There’s that.  Pharrell told GQ Mag that in order to find his true self, he had to stop comparing himself to the existing iconic artists.  “I got my own path,” he says.  “But I didn’t know what my path was. I knew that I was meant to do something different. I knew that I needed to inject purpose in my music,” he tells GQ.  

We have a feeling this will be in our workout playlists for a while.  Dig in, peeps… this is IT!  Take it easy on the clutch.  Is the sugar callin you?  

Miley and her brother (presumably from another mother) Pharrell Courtesy of Getty Images

Miley and her brother (presumably from another mother) Pharrell
Courtesy of Getty Images


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