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Deeply Rooted Heritage From Heritage 1933

“We celebrate natural beauty because it doesn’t get the praise…” – Thompson. When it comes to beauty, black women have always had to struggle between what we were told, what society presented us with, and what we believed was beautiful….

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justyn wilhite
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By: Ashley Winters  It’s all about the food, and if you are a true foodie like me, then our Eat + Drink issue is right up your alley. St. Louis is full of specialty chefs, adding their own personal spin…

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Eat+Drink, Feature

1-on-1 with Chef Arris Harris

I am always fascinated to hear how people got started in their careers. For me, hearing the story and how they had to hustle is nothing short of inspiring. With my first chef interview, there was something about Celebrity Chef,…

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Delux Feature Friday: Lillian Tiner!!

A design-minded creative with a flair for fashion, Lillian is a visionary that intertwines visual imagination and artistic awareness of trends, textiles, and fabrics to translate her ideas into clothing. Her personal style influences the development of new apparel and…

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