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When we set goals in life we tend to determine our results and how the outcome should look beforehand. If we establish what success would look like in the beginning it would help us monitor, measure and keep track of our progress to stay motivated. For example, business owners may measure success by the amount of income brought in. If an individual doesn’t enjoy their role at work, is that an accurate assessment of success? Creators of S.O.E. (SuccessOverEverything) thinks that success is whatever you want it to be. In June 2013, S.O.E. was created on the foundations of art, hip-hop, pop culture and skateboarding. Since the launch of the line, celebrities such as Kim Hudson, multimedia journalist at FOX2Now and D.Woods from girl group, Danity Kane have been spotted rocking these threads. S.O.E. steps in the garment industry just in time to address the lack of representation of the black narrative that has helped shape style and founded fashion. Delux had the opportunity to catch up with the founders of S.O.E., Carmen Weaver and Tyrell Harris, for a quick chat about the character of the brand.

A catchline that was created in college among friends would soon become a phrase used by many, making it a movement. When Weaver came to the conclusion of starting a fashion line, she took the catchy line and put it behind the business.“We were trendsetters at that time, said Weaver. We had a lot of people saying it, and when I wanted to create the fashion line my best friend said SuccessOverEverything would be a great name.” Staying true to who they are as a brand, S.O.E. remained trendsetters when rolling out the line to the public by catering to its community first.

There’s no argument when it comes to black exclusion in fashion, but the creatives behind S.O.E. addresses the power and self worth the african-american community carries without mainstream attention. “I take a lot of the designs from the 80’s films I’ve watched, said Weaver. One of the shirts has Dorothy Dandridge on it. A lot of black people don’t know who she is, but you will see a lot of people put Marilyn Monroe on a shirt. It meant a lot to put her on a shirt.” Instead of relying on 80’s movies to carry the line, the masters behind this brand use their everyday lingo to speak to the consumers. The business partners don’t stick with an agenda, but the two geniuses like to play with spontaneity when it comes to its creations. Harris talks a bit about the creative process and the phrases that inspire the vision. “The creative process depends on whatever design pops forward. It’s about what you’re thinking about at that time. It’s about staying new and creative. It’s about reaching out to different lifestyles and genres. We don’t try too hard,” Harris stated.


Dorothy Dandridge was an American film and theatre actresssinger and dancer.

Although S.O.E. is three years in the garment game, this business is no stranger to media exposure. Besides being featured on famous YouTube channels, the apparel has had some attention from the famous rapper, 50 Cent. The “In Da Club” rapper got a chance to chop it up with S.O.E. when promoting his Effen Vodka while on tour in St. Louis. “Just being in the eyes of 50 Cent, having the opportunity to talk to him and tell him about the line was great. I reached out, and I was able to get him some gear,” said Weaver.

The sky is only the limit when you decide to stay within the bounds of the universe that you’ve created. Why reach only for the clouds when you can travel to an unexplored cosmic universe? S.O.E. is definitely challenging the norms of what fashion is and they’re starting with its name. “Fashion is an impression of who you are. Every line feeds off another, but I would say our creativity and our name speaks for itself. It can be anything, it doesn’t have to be just clothes. SucessOverEverything means you’re succeeding in everything,” said Weaver.


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S.O.E. is looking to add different articles of clothing in the future including jackets, jeans and shoes. To follow for updates on when the new apparel will be released, make sure you check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. In the meantime, you can for some new gear!

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