A Hidden Gem – The Brass Rail Steakhouse

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It is always fun to try local restaurants.  I would say my favorite in St Charles County is The Brass Rail.
Why? It’s simple. They have great customer service and the food is really good!  I love appetizers. They have buffalo wings that you can get with the following sauces: hot, hot BBQ, BBQ, Thai, Old By, and more!  They are served over fries.  You can never go wrong with chicken and fries.  It is something about that bird and a potato! They also have steak nachos.  These things are huge. If you are watching your figure for the summertime, you can always try their smoked chicken wings. They are really good! They have that good marinated flavor (laughs).
They have a nice selection of entrees too. Menu items ranging from filet mignon, surf-n-turf, salmon, ribs, fajitas, etc.  I really do like the sides the entrees come with.  They have onion straws, broccoli, mashed potatoes, sautèed mushrooms, rice, etc.  I thought everything definitely had great flavor.
 brass rail
They used to have all you could eat crab legs for $25.  They stopped doing this because the supplier had a fire.  Awww, can you believe all those crab legs were burnt!  Unfortunately, they no longer have this special but are hoping to have it back one day.  That day cannot come soon enough because those crab legs were good.  They had some meat to them too!  Some places you go those poor crab legs are so skinny!
During the holidays, I remember they had a banana bread that was warm with ice cream. Lord knows I love my sweets!  My husband usually does not eat sweets, but he ate this.  We almost got in an argument about him eating it up too fast and not leaving that much for me!  Most of the time we can share.  This dessert will make you want to order your own
You won’t be disappointed in this restaurant!!
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