Studies show that most Americans go to bed within the midnight hour and that doesn’t make for very restful slumber. While you sleep, your skin is working to restore itself, so there really is meaning to the term beauty sleep. The best time to repair the skin is at night especially since you are laying still for hours and not out in the sun & pollution. Your nighttime regimen is very important and during sleep you can greatly improve your skin with these tips.


1. Double Cleanse

This is the first step. Removing the dirt and oil from the day is important– no matter how tired you may be. If you don’t wash your face, dirt and grime will sit on top of the skin which puts you at a high risk for breakouts.

Ladies, begin with an oil cleanser or makeup remover to remove any makeup and then cleanse again with a gentle foaming or calming cleanser. Fellas, use a facial wipe to get any oils from your skin and then use a clarifying cleanser to prep your skin for hydration.


2. Spot Treat

Serums are light moisturizers that are great for those who want to do a little extra with their skincare routine. Serums are very potent which is why many of them have a high price tag but you only need a small quarter size amount. The best way to select serums is to look for concentrated ingredients, antioxidants and hydrators. Serums are beneficial for different concerns you may have such as clearing blemishes or helping with wrinkles.

Lightly pat the serum over your skin for 2-4 minutes until it is absorbed and then finish your routine.


3. Hydrate

Next, apply a moisturizer or night crème that is rich in hyaluronic acid. With 8 hours of shut-eye, a quality moisturizer will keep your skin nourished all night. Be sure to invest in a moisturizer that will not only leave you with soft skin but will also provide antioxidants and nutrients for anti-aging.

Before getting in bed, drink a tall glass of water. Hydration levels drop during the night so this will help you to stay hydrated.


4. Sleep Better

If you’re a wild sleeper, this may be a challenge but a little change is great for amazing skin. Sleeping on your back helps to prevent lines on your face which can cause wrinkles. Sleeping on your back also prevents you from transferring sweat or hair oils from your pillowcase onto your skin.

If you happen to end up with your face on your pillowcase, another option is to use a silk or satin pillowcase. These are not only good for your hair but also good for the skin too – just remember to wash your pillowcase at least once a week.

These 4 tips will help you to see improvement in your skin health.

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