Korean Food Is the Business

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I enjoy experiencing different types of food! Sometimes I try to pretend like I know what I am doing, but I don’t. I will admit I can’t even eat with chopsticks. My husband makes fun of me all the time. I will kindly ask for a fork if I need to because I have no shame. I will learn how to eat with chopsticks one day.

Over the weekend we traveled to LA for a wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time. But of course, while we were there, I wanted to try something different.

I’ve had Korean food before. It was only once, but I have had it. We decided to try a Korean restaurant since our hotel was in Koreatown in LA. We decided to go to O Dae San. It looked cool and modern on the inside. We stepped right in.

As soon as we sat down they gave us all of these sides. My husband and I were looking at each other with a confused look. The last time I had Korean food, I remember all of the sides, but for some reason I wanted to start eating them before the meat. LOL. I think we both were just hungry. Our server kindly informed us to wait until we order before we ‘went completely in’ on the sides. The sides consisted of salad, veggies, red spicy sauce, radish, cold mashed potatoes, a wrap, and other sauces.

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They asked us which special we wanted because it was all-you-can-eat meat. My husband was in heaven. The grill was right in front of us. I am thinking oh okay, so we have to cook our own food?!?!? They brought out the meat and a onion and proceeded to light up the grill for us. We were like please don’t go too far because we need some more explanation. They could tell we were struggling. They brought out scissors and tongs. We were like are we supposed to cut up the meat ourselves? LOL! They kindly did it for us. We noticed they weren’t really helping other tables because I guess they knew what they were doing!!

I’m sure they got a good laugh at us in the back. LOL! We thoroughly enjoyed the beef and the pork belly. It tasted so good with all the sides and the sauces. We could not get enough of this!

Our clothes and my hair had the scent of that grill. I am sure everyone around me that night thought I smelled pretty amazing! I am a huge fan of Korean bar-be-que!

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