The Truth Is Women Lie Better

Let’s be honest, the truth is—women lie about a lot of things. We lie about our age, size, weight, and number of sexual partners. We often pretend that we are fulfilled sexually when we are not. We avoid telling our…

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White America Loves Racism

After what seemed like a never-ending cycle of candidate commercials, radio ads, door knockers and countless mail ads—we are finally free of the electoral campaign season. Unfortunately, we are not free of White America’s acceptance and content with racism. I’m…

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5 Afro-Caribbean Brands You Should Know About

This year has been a rather exciting year with a lot of brands penetrating the beauty and hair industry. Many of these new generation of creators /designers are of African and Caribbean descent—some with little formal training—yet they have the…

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Emotional Intelligence on Social Media

Truth is……The use of social media can be a tough platform to balance for small businesses. At some point, you will be tested by someone on one level or another. I know I have struggled personally—and I admit—at times didn’t…

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Movie Review

Nobody’s Fool Movie Review

Tyler Perry released his first Rated R movie—Nobody’s Fool over the weekend—and I decided to check it out. Mainly because Tiffany Haddish is the best female comedian out right now. The movie is about Danica (played by Tika Sumpter) dating…

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Music, What's Hot Now

Smino NOIR Out Now!

NOIR is the follow up album to Blk Swn from St. Louis’ own Smino. I don’t have much else to say other than that it is simply time to hop on the wave. There is so much soul and funk packed…

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love language

What’s Your Love Language?

Have you ever wondered if you could do a specific continued task to keep your spouse, children, parents and self-happy? You can, but first, you should learn how they (You) love. Yes, it sounds mediocre “How do they love” but…

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truth is

Truth Is….Frankly Speaking!

Truth Is! Hello world! Welcome to my blog “Frankly Speaking Truth Is”!!!  I know you’re wondering what is this about Truth Is right? Well I’m Author Tonya Rush and I have a serious message to deliver to you. We all…

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America’s Face-Off With Bigotry on the Ballots

As we prepare for tomorrow’s midterms—it seems like America is torn between going full-blown Hunger Games or finding our way back to the 1950’s Civil Rights movement. Either way, tomorrow is desperately important for the progression of this country, and…

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