Welcome to Gemini Season!!!

Today kicks off Gemini season! The Sun has officially moved into the sign of Gemini today. Gemini is depicted as a set of twins. It will stay in this sign until June 21. This is third of the 12 signs of…

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5 Black Owned Bakeries In St Louis

Black Owned Bakeries In St Louis Looking for some amazing black-owned bakeries in St. Louis?  These 5 sweet tooth dessert artists will make sure you get your sugary fix!  Be sure to use them for all you Sweet 16, Birthday parties,…

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Oily Skin Care Tips for Summer

Warm weather means beaches, pools and just a fun time. What it also means is major oiliness on the skin after a long day. Why does this happen? In the summer, the heat and humidity cause our sebaceous glands to…

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