Man Opens Fire On Detroit Teen Asking For Directions

On April 12, Lisa Walker the mother of Brennen Walker, received a call from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. The horrific call, no mother ever wants to receive—indicated her 14-year-old son nearly became a social media hashtag. After oversleeping, Walker…

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Improve Your Skin At Night With This Routine

Studies show that most Americans go to bed within the midnight hour and that doesn’t make for very restful slumber. While you sleep, your skin is working to restore itself, so there really is meaning to the term beauty sleep. The…

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Savvy Entreprenuer

Build a Dope Brand – Here’s How

GRIND UNTIL EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME Every brand has a story. Every great brand knows how to tell that story well. Why? The reality is, whether you’re selling coffee, bookcases or enterprise software, you’ve got more competition than ever before….

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