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You like your turn up music wavy? Want something to ride to but the radio is killing your vibe?  Are you like me and wish Pharrell and  J Dilla would’ve had the chance to form a production team? Fresco Stevens has the aural remedy. It’s smooth, sexy, fun, and straight out of the mind of the most humble kid killing it behind your back. With production credits like Cam Meekins, Pouya, Dizzy Wright, and MADEINTYO, Stevens proves that you don’t have to be loud to make noise. All you need is hard work, determination, and a worthy goal.

“I self produce to show other artists that the “do it yourself” route is always an option, depending on producers can be a hassle at times so going in and doing things yourself really eases the creation process. My advice to upcoming artists would be to network, don’t be lazy and let an opportunity pass you by, don’t conform, make exactly what you want because there’s a fan base for EVERYTHING, what one person thinks is corny another person might love, and also realize that it takes years for some to gain recognition and only months for others to gain recognition, don’t just give up because you feel like you aren’t making moves just yet.”

Fresco Stevens doesn’t only produce, as if that wasn’t enough, he also finds time to share his experience through his own music. His project, F**k My Life, I Hate It Here, is an example of making growing pains something beautiful and identifiable…all for the people.

“I would have to say my FMLIHIT  is my most personal project to date topic wise, from my deep depression in 2013, to my deceased mother, to my break up with my first love V, it’s the only project I’ve made where I talk about everything that went wrong in my life, I really hope someone who needs to hear it hears that project and takes something useful from it because we all have difficult problems and issues in life but we all can get through it. Being able to touch others somehow is what drives me, if I can help one person who’s depressed or feels close to giving in and let them know that I have the same exact thoughts and problems but if I can keep going then you can to, that’s what keeps me driven.”

His music, his outlook, and his talent are what makes him who he is. And even through all of that, he still remains a true fan of the music scene that, in my opinion, does not show him the love he deserves. He doesn’t let that stop him from supporting the locals though.

“I’m excited to see my friends in HLC|GANG  perform at SLUMfest this year, I won’t be performing with them because I want to be behind the camera and capture the moment, but this is something me and my friends have wanted to do since 2014, it’s been a goal for a few years, and as far as projects go I’m excited to hear what artists like Bo-Dean, J’Demul, P.Streets, Mvstermind, Chris Grindz, Dylan Brady, Less, Felly, LOOPRAT, Lottie Denise, Jinx, ODD PAPI, Eric Donte, Vince Sega and GxxdStress have in store.”

Recent Release: F**k My Life I Hate It Here EP

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