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Miistro Freeyo is no stranger to hard work. Inspired by his father, his drive and passion has been developing for years and you can hear it in every song he creates.

“Self producing has always been my thing. I taught myself how to play the piano as child; producing and rapping/singing followed after that.”

Being self taught has really paid off. With his single, Change Up, in rotation and fresh from two shows in New York, including one at the legendary SOB’s, Freeyo is proving that he has what it takes fuse Hip Hop and R&B and make it something exciting and profitable. But he doesn’t let that go to his head. Instead he chooses to reflect on his past and acknowledge his progression as motivation.

“It’s amazing to look at work I created years back. To see my growth and how far I’ve come is a blessing. You must keep your passion for the art. Cherish your responsibility as an artist and know your influence on people. Work hard and stay patient, things will eventually start to move.”

Freeyo is excited for the future. He has much in store for fans of the Hip Hop crooner including headlining shows and new music.

“July 8th I’ll be headlining my own show, The Change Up,  at Pop’s Nightclub. It’s going to be a crazy night! My show is going to be LIT! I’m also working on a project now called Dope Vibez with my partner Ricky Mane. Anytime we collaborate on songs or production we bring something different!”

Recent Release: Change Up https://youtu.be/YdPuQ-WBCVU

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