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I remember attending on of my first shows in St. Louis. It was a Far Fetched show filled with dope Hip Hop,  dreamy indie rock, and crazy artwork at what is now my favorite venue. That is when I first heard Black James. Her sound was indescribable. It was original, funky, intoxicating, and impossible to ignore. Distorted, electric, and melodic. I didn’t want it to end. ICE, as she is now named, is not someone that can be labelled. I wouldn’t dare try, instead I will let her and her music speak for themselves…

Her take on creation and self production…

Music plays in my mind, and if I don’t capture n release it, it’ll keep pacing…back-n-forth like a caged bobcat, waiting….more pacing…screeching… I have no choice and I’ve accepted my fate and submitted to my duty.  I have become my own boss.  I have ultimate n creative freedom over myself and my music + art + environment.

You think what she’s most proud of is music? Nah, it’s visual art…because she does everything.

I’d say my architecture project called *MTV’s The Real World*.   I initially designed it in 2007, but have modified and improved the design since.  It’s an open public street park / plaza structure intended to be constructed on a square city lot anywhere in the world!  A heavy looking temple…it’s sort of a  lingering one-way self-guided maze, made up of dark corridors, a ladder climbing down to an internal aquatic chamber for contemplation,  a ladder climbing up to a sky viewing deck on top, some meandering chilling zones next to plants… eventually winding down and out of a singular skinny crevice.  The journey thru *MTV’s The Real World* is a symbol of the power of self-introspection, and of the rebirth that can come from it.  I’d like to build a prototype in St. Louis.  ^_^

And just to prove how amazing she is and ultimately becoming my personal feminist icon she has a new project and a slew of sick shows coming up, including a set at Bonnaroo. YES, THAT BONNAROO…

“I’m about to release my 5th album called *ICY2K*. It’s a collection of songs I’ve been playing live for the past 2 years…a cross between the Deftones’s album “White Pony” and pop star Amber’s album “Naked”.  A lot of rage and whining about the disarray / pollution / abuse / neglect / abandonment that plagues St. Louis.  One very late night in Dick Pointer’s Speak Easy of yore, a man told me a story about how he cast 2 black snakes off of Sugarloaf Mound after praying to rid St. Louis of lingering detrimental spirits that cloud our current state of cleanliness and happiness.  Just like the man’s prayer, *ICY2K* is a physically manifested effort to cast away evil lingerers, and an ode to repair what has been damaged thus far.”

You can catch her June 9th and 10th with the Red Bull Music Academy at BONNAROO, June 18th at the RFT Music Showcase, July 15th with Prolifigate at The Cherry Lounge, and September 25th at the Murmuration  Festival. There’s pretty much no reason to miss her.

Her advice to artist is simple in it’s complexity…

“Time goes by anyway. If you are 18 now, you will be 33 some day. When you are 33, do you want to feel like you accomplished something? Think of how incredibly wise and talented you will be at 102! Do what you can every day (i.e. Will Smith’s summers of brick laying). Don’t forget to relax and have fun at the Club. Drink Water. Stay flexible and liquid. Be diligent about what you are working on and you will find your purpose along the way. Create your own special toolbox of carefully chosen tools. Learn how to use them and become a Master. U will need patience, stamina, and endurance. #CLUBGYM.  When your peers succeed, u succeed.

Isn’t she great…

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