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It’s hard to ignore this artist who Complex Magazine dubbed an emerging St. Louis artist to watch. As a part of the collective, M.M.E. Mvstermind has wasted no time, capitalizing on a buzz that can’t seem to be stopped. With critically acclaimed songs like 80HD from the album Artistically Day Dreaming, or A.D.D, and the release of the stunning video, Mali Moolah, this self producing artist has everything he needs to make sure St. Louis is well represented and he plans on doing just that. He has a lot to be proud of, but one thing does make him most proud…

“I’m very proud of my project A.D.D. I’m proud because I can truly see the vision and direction I was going. Now I’m just 10x polished and centered with my creative direction. Looking back at the progression is a beautiful thing, I set a target, worked my ass off, and hit that mug twice the distance that  I said I would.”

His motivation is one we could all agree with. He’s just finding himself and doing what he loves to the best of his ability. With unique beats,  socially conscious motives, and self examining lyrics, Mvstermind is proving himself to be the people’s champ. There is something in his repertoire for everyone to enjoy and he has no plans on stopping anytime soon.

“Being able to express my thoughts, feelings, etc. into some tangible form of creativity is what drives me. Ever since I was a youngin, I’ve always gravitated towards music unlike anything. It’s almost hard to answer this question, as what drives me to make music is the same as what drives a heart to keep pumping blood.”

He’s pretty hush about his process and future endeavors, but does have some things planned for the future to share, including two new albums. He also comes with advice for future up and comers.

“Use your art as platform, and if you’re not afraid to look down below…..Take that leap…. Force yourself to grow some wings…. And pilot them dreams Homie.”

With what I’ve seen from this top  STL independent artist…we as fans have every reason to be excited.

Recent Releases: Mali Moolah


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