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Fenty Beauty Clapback With Mattemoiselle Lip Line

Fenty Beauty is coming hard once again this holiday season. After dropping their Stunna Red Lip Paint over the Thanksgiving holiday, they have returned with more colors for Christmas. This past Friday, the bad gal herself took to Instagram, posting a picture…

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Rihanna’s Stunna Lip Paint

Who doesn’t love a fiery, bold red lip? It makes a statement that you are unafraid and fearless when it comes to rocking color. It’s obvious Rihanna and Fenty Beauty feels the same. Known for sporting a bold, red lip,…

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FENTY x Puma is Here

“I’m very thrilled to finally see the collection out there.”    – Rihanna Once upon a time, one of the world’s biggest pop stars, Rihanna, joined forces with a dynamic manufacturing company; with quite the résumé. Instantly, creative vibes began…

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THINKING INSIDE THE BOX Over the last few years, the industry and popularity of subscription boxes have steadily climbed. Subscription boxes are described as packages full of retail products and samples that are mailed to consumers on a reoccurring basis…

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Delux Hair

Going Natural and Staying Natural

WHISPER TIPS FROM BEHIND THE CHAIR WRITTEN BY TENDAI “THE HAIR WHISPERER” So you decided to go “Natural”. At first everything was going great! You were pumped. You’ve watched all of the You Tube Videos and bought all types of…

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Confronting Obstacles to Self-Love

Confronting Obstacles to Self-love as a Black Woman  By:  Arielle Chase  Student, Northwestern University on Huff Post:  Black Voices   Up until I came to college, I was the token black friend. Like most Northwestern students, I was in advanced…

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Unpretty to Pretty in 3 Easy Steps

Beauty:  Is it a state of grace or a state of face?   The truth is: most of us are NOT “beautiful” by current media standards of beauty.  We know this standard of beauty is unattainable, and we all spend too…

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The No-Poo Movement

A Curly-Girl Confession:  I Never Wash My Hair   That’s right.  You read it correctly.  Sound disgusting?  Ok.  I can dig it.  I’m not a dirty girl… *wink wink* But seriously:  We’re conditioned (pun intended) to wash, condition and style.  But…

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