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Man Opens Fire On Detroit Teen Asking For Directions

On April 12, Lisa Walker the mother of Brennen Walker, received a call from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. The horrific call, no mother ever wants to receive—indicated her 14-year-old son nearly became a social media hashtag. After oversleeping, Walker…

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Stephon Clark Shooting Videos Released

Sunday night, two Sacramento police officers were involved in the shooting death of Stephon Clark. The officers shot him within seconds of encountering him, claiming to have spotted a weapon as Clark ran towards them. Original statements were given, but…

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erica garner
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Goodbye, Erica Garner

On December 30, 2017, Erica Garner, daughter of the late Eric Garner passed away. As an activist for social justice, Erica’s voice became a part of the many movements pushing for police accountability and policy reform after the tragic loss…

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St. Louis has a new mayor, now what?

SAINT LOUIS HAS A NEW MAYOR, NOW WHAT? The election is over. The work is not. St. Louis has elected its first woman mayor. Regardless of how that makes me feel, the fact of the matter is, Lyda Krewson will…

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Daniel Holtzclaw Found Guilty

Daniel Holtzclaw Found Guilty Thirteen black women testified against former Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw. A jury found him guilty on 18 charges, including four counts of first-degree rape. Was it my imagination or did he look at the jury…

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#BlackLivesMatter – The Movement Continues

#BlackLivesMatter – The Movement Continues by: Drew Williamson The fight for justice and proper treatment of all persons by law enforcement has been an unremitting struggle people have dealt with for years. From Baltimore to LA, police profiling, brutality, and…

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