Teen Entrepreneurs Launch Youth Empowerment Tour

Teen entrepreneurs, Essynce Moore and AJ Carr, both just 15-years old, are dedicated and determined to inspire, empower, and educate thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students in about 25 cities/states around the world. Moore and Carr will be…

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Deeply Rooted Heritage From Heritage 1933

“We celebrate natural beauty because it doesn’t get the praise…” – Thompson. When it comes to beauty, black women have always had to struggle between what we were told, what society presented us with, and what we believed was beautiful….

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maya smith
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The Doux Is A Must Do For Your Doo!

There’s something NEW and worth telling people with curls of all types and textures about. The Doux® (pronounced The Doo) is a “new school” modern hair care system with an “old school edge.” With packaging that is bold and bright…

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Bambi Proves Beauty Shines From Within

Most people dream of having a huge platform to share their business on. Every day, small business entrepreneurs strive hard to get just five minutes in front of millions of people. Five minutes that could possibly catapult the rest of…

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Delux Business

What’s Popping At The Hop Shop!

What’s Popping At The Hop Shop! So my question to you is…What’s Popping at The Hop Shop? If you haven’t heard St. Louis has it’s very own upscale beer café, it means you have been living under a rock. Located in…

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Rihanna’s Stunna Lip Paint

Who doesn’t love a fiery, bold red lip? It makes a statement that you are unafraid and fearless when it comes to rocking color. It’s obvious Rihanna and Fenty Beauty feels the same. Known for sporting a bold, red lip,…

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Another Round of Tea Please!

If you haven’t heard this tea, you might want to take a load off and stay a while, because this TEA we keep you coming back for more! Teatopia is not your ordinary middle-aged bohemian white lady kind of tea shop. It’s…

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Jay Z to Launch Venture Capital Fund

Jay Z to Launch Venture Capital Fund   Rapper-turned-businessman-turned husband-turned father-turned the guy who Solange attempted to dropkick on that faithful evening inside of an elevator, Jay Z, has decided to expand his resume by launching his own venture capital fund….

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4 Tips for Brands Desiring to Reach Millennials

Millennials: A term used to characterize the generation of people born between 1982-2004 also known as Generation Y. These individuals are the current group of young 30-somethings who are building families to teenagers freshly navigating the world through the lens…

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