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Addiction and the Black Community

BY: LAMIA ASHLEY When it comes to drugs in the African-American community, there’s probably nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said. Since crack hit our community like wildfire in the 80’s, the black community has been heavily deteriorating. So,…

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BooksFromBekkah Tackles Racial And Scholarship Hardships

BooksFromBekkah, Inc. is a new 501(3)c nonprofit organization that will be celebrating their second year of awarding college-bound, African-American high school seniors with scholarships for textbooks this year. BooksFromBekkah, Inc. was created on the founder’s birthday on April 13, 2016….

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Blairisms Collection | Black Excellence

As we know Black History Month is coming to an end, but simultaneously the Black History Year continues to thrive.  New Orleans native, Blair Dottin-Haley and partner Brandon Dottin-Haley epitomizes just that—Black Excellence and History.  With the positive tagline —…

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