Beyonce New Scholarship Program For HBCU Students

It seems Queen Bey has reached in her philanthropy bag and pulled out funds for students attending HBCUs. Beyoncé, through her BeyGOOD initiative, has established the Homecoming Scholars Award Program for students attending Xavier University, Wilberforce University, Tuskegee University and…

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BooksFromBekkah Tackles Racial And Scholarship Hardships

BooksFromBekkah, Inc. is a new 501(3)c nonprofit organization that will be celebrating their second year of awarding college-bound, African-American high school seniors with scholarships for textbooks this year. BooksFromBekkah, Inc. was created on the founder’s birthday on April 13, 2016….

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Houston Teen Gets Into 20 Top-Tier Colleges

Despite the distorted picture America chooses to present about black people, we do defy the odds by rising above the low expectations and systemic oppression placed upon us. Regardless, to what the media may portray young black men as, there…

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Ferguson 1000 Jobs

Ferguson 1000 Jobs — an organization with a mission to create one thousand jobs for St. Louis county residents, especially those in Ferguson — has decided to give a “Holiday Wish List for Ferguson” to the entire St. Louis region…

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