Sade Is Back With “The Big Unknown”

I remember the first time I heard Sade sing. I was around 10-years-old and my mother had the radio on Quiet Storm. Is It A Crime played throughout the car speakers and I was mesmerized by how calming the song…

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comedy beef
celebrity news

Is Comedy Beef, The New Beef?

Is comedian beef, the new beef? In the past few months, comedians such as Michael Blackson, Katt Williams and Mike Epps have been having a common beef, or disagreement with someone specific—Kevin Hart. The instance just this year was Kevin…

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The Pascal Show

Tony Rock Live on The Pascal Show

Tony Rock was in the building this past weekend and stopped by The Pascal Show! Tony Rock talked about everything from growing up in New York City to the late Charlie Murphy’s last conversation with him. Nothing but great times,…

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july must see

Rockwell’s July Movie Must Sees

Summertime has always been the season for action-packed blockbusters or suspense thrillers. Lazy hazy days to catch a matinee or late-night movie nights with friends or that special someone. Let’s look at what are the more interesting films to check…

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Claws Returns Sunday For Season 2!

This is a story about Desna, Quiet Ann, Jenn, Polly, and Virginia. The baddest sisterhood of criminals on TNT you will fall in love with. Bonded by crime and nails, the Florida nail artisans are back for their second season…

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