Houston Teen Gets Into 20 Top-Tier Colleges

Despite the distorted picture America chooses to present about black people, we do defy the odds by rising above the low expectations and systemic oppression placed upon us. Regardless, to what the media may portray young black men as, there…

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Rasheeda Opens New Pressed Store In Houston

It was an Atlanta takeover in Houston when the cast of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta came out to celebrate the LAVISH Grand Opening of Rasheeda Frost’s new store, Pressed Houston in the Galleria. The line was wrapped around the mall…

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OMG, Are you SERIOUS Bey?

By: Kendra Pete (kendra@deulx-mag.com) Ok Bey, we know you like to keep us on our toes, but did you really have to hit us with THAT one? Ever since Beyoncé dropped her surprise album Thursday night, that beehive of hers…

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