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Beyonce’s Sir and Rumi Peek-a-boo

The world finally gets a small break from POTUS’s weekly antics, just in time for Beyoncé’s twin peek-a-boo this past weekend. Though the photos were not “officially” posted, leaked pictures of the singer and her twins made it to the…

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Jay Z to Launch Venture Capital Fund

Jay Z to Launch Venture Capital Fund   Rapper-turned-businessman-turned husband-turned father-turned the guy who Solange attempted to dropkick on that faithful evening inside of an elevator, Jay Z, has decided to expand his resume by launching his own venture capital fund….

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OMG, Are you SERIOUS Bey?

By: Kendra Pete (kendra@deulx-mag.com) Ok Bey, we know you like to keep us on our toes, but did you really have to hit us with THAT one? Ever since Beyoncé dropped her surprise album Thursday night, that beehive of hers…

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NYC with Beyonce Jay-z & The President

We are not here to tell YOU who to vote for… But this is a pretty good campaign by President Obama.  What did you think about The last speeches from President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama?  Moving, huh?!  Click…

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MUSIC | @Rihanna S&M [Video Inside]

Trust me when I say I have a new found respect for Rihanna!!!  This video oozes “in the closet” fetishes… @ChrisBrown you lucky bastard.  Talk about down for whatever lol… but any way this vid is hi energy, sexual content,…

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