family rules

Do you Have Family Rules?

Do you remember your families rules while growing up? You know, the unspoken rules ones like “No eating in the living room.”  Were they ever verbalized? I found out I couldn’t eat in the living room when my momma slapped…

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love language

What’s Your Love Language?

Have you ever wondered if you could do a specific continued task to keep your spouse, children, parents and self-happy? You can, but first, you should learn how they (You) love. Yes, it sounds mediocre “How do they love” but…

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truth is

Truth Is….Frankly Speaking!

Truth Is! Hello world! Welcome to my blog “Frankly Speaking Truth Is”!!!  I know you’re wondering what is this about Truth Is right? Well I’m Author Tonya Rush and I have a serious message to deliver to you. We all…

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Savvy Entreprenuer

Build a Dope Brand – Here’s How

GRIND UNTIL EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME Every brand has a story. Every great brand knows how to tell that story well. Why? The reality is, whether you’re selling coffee, bookcases or enterprise software, you’ve got more competition than ever before….

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Top 5: Oscar Worthy Gowns at the Academy Awards

90th Academy Awards 1. Zendaya  Zendaya’s undeniable ability to own every red carpet she graces. Strutting in a one -shouldered Chiffon gown by Giambattista Valli and Bulgari accessories. Stylist, Luxury Law inspiration was directly taken from the hue of delectable…

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Culture, Fashion

Blairisms Collection | Black Excellence

As we know Black History Month is coming to an end, but simultaneously the Black History Year continues to thrive.  New Orleans native, Blair Dottin-Haley and partner Brandon Dottin-Haley epitomizes just that—Black Excellence and History.  With the positive tagline —…

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Fashion Recap from The Biggest Night in Music

Black and White   On last night’s 60th Annual Grammy Awards, our favorite celebrities undoubtedly owned the red carpet. Following the message outlined earlier this month at the Golden Globes, stars took a monochromatic fashion approach in support of the…

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On the Road to Fearless

Should you be afraid of anything? Is everybody scared of at least one thing? Is fear a choice? I will admit that I am scared of quite a few things. The one fear that makes the top of the list…

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