Chance The Rapper Rushes To Cape For Kanye West

It was a wild, crazy day on Kanye West’s Twitter account yesterday. What started out as a tweet about President Trump’s “dragon energy” led to a series of Trump supporting tweets—and then a friendly exchange between him and Agent Orange….

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Kanye West Is Not Tupac Shakur.

Kanye West started his career out as the everyday voice of the concerned citizen. He wasn’t a tough guy physically, but he also wasn’t afraid to speak mind his about controversial issues. We love him and we always will. For…

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St. Louis Needs a Political Manicure

HANGNAIL POLITICIANS Have you ever had a hangnail?  When you discovered it, did you think, “How did I get this hangnail?”  Immediately, you began to think about how painful it will be to remove said hangnail.  Along with the pain,…

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