Wesley Bell

Christi Griffin

Black Politicians and Media Mud

Black Politicians and Media Mud words by Christi Griffin Adding to the victory in St. Louis County, the November Election Day also delivered the first African American ever to be elected to the office of Recorder of Deeds in the 254-year…

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America’s Face-Off With Bigotry on the Ballots

As we prepare for tomorrow’s midterms—it seems like America is torn between going full-blown Hunger Games or finding our way back to the 1950’s Civil Rights movement. Either way, tomorrow is desperately important for the progression of this country, and…

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Bob McCulloch is a Bum and Here’s Why….

When someone wins an election, people rush for quotes from community stake holders and sometimes those quotes are not properly nuanced. Therefore, while I’m not perfect please allow me to try my best to provide some context for my opinions….

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