Trey Songz vs R. Kelly: There Can Be Only One(survey inside)

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If you haven’t heard, let me be the one to tell you. Trey Songz andR. Kelly are beefing about what else… music!

Trey Songz has been out on the scene for about five years and has seen a major come up since linking up with October’s Very Own,DrakeR. Kelly has been in the game for twenty-plus years and linked up with Jay-Z… then we all witnessed his downfall. Lol, but its true.

So now, R. Kelly, who is all out of hit records, is coming after Trey Songz. The reason being, Kelz thinks that Trey is stealing his steelo, swag, music and look. Trey has since denied the accusations.

However, this story sounds real familiar to me…

It appears that karma is finally catching up with Kelly, because back in the 90′s he did the same thing! One name. Aaron Hall. Name rings a bell? I didn’t think so. He was an R&B singer that went from hot to not when R. Kelly first came out.



R. Kelly- Half on a Baby



Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name


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